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All of my work is handmade. That means that each object is imbued with my own personal, human touch. When you handle and use my work, we are entering into a relationship, communicating through the object, from my hands to your hands. I love to hear about how you use my work and the meaning it holds to you.   

Materials & Process

All of my work is made in my home studio in Easton, Pennsylvania. I use a variety of commercial clays as well as my own clay recipes, which are all designed to reach 2300°F. The clays range in color depending on their iron-content and formulation and the way that they were fired. I use a wide variety of hand-building, wheel throwing and altering techniques in my initial forming process. All of my work is fired in wood kilns, which effects each surface of each pot in a unique way, so there are no pots that are exactly alike. This year, I fired three different types of kilns in different parts of the country. The results of these firings varied greatly because of the length of the firing, the design of the kiln, and the atmosphere in which the work was fired and cooled. 

Handling & Care

Handmade ceramics, like commercially manufactured ceramics, are made to be functional and durable objects for you to use in your home. However, the surfaces yielded from atmospheric firing in particular can be more delicate and over time, prone to erosion if subjected to many cycles in the dishwasher. Hand washing is recommended for all of my ceramics to ensure longevity and preservation of their uniquely colored and textured surfaces.  Additionally, all ceramics, including the ones I produce, are delicate and should be handled with care. 

If you have purchased a piece which has a matted or partially matted surface, you are welcome to oil that surface using a small amount of mineral oil. All pots with matted
surfaces are oiled before they are sent out to their new homes. If you start to notice the surface looking dry, simply pour a dime sized amount onto a rag or paper towel and massage into surface. The oil will help add richness and depth to the clay color of your pot or object.  
Shipping & Returns

Please allow 3-5 days for the processing of your order. All shipments will be made through the USPS and the cost of your shipment will be calculated at checkout. If you are local to the Lehigh Valley or surrounding areas, choose 'local pickup' contact me to make an appointment to pick up your order. 

All orders are packed with care to ensure their safe and sound arrival. If you receive an item that has been broken or damaged in shipping, contact me immediately and I will issue you a refund. 

I do my best to represent my pots accurately using high resolution images from several angles. If you are not satisfied with your purchase and believe the pot was somehow mis-represented, please contact me. I cannot guarantee a refund for your purchase but am always happy to speak with you about your concerns. 
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